My Happy Customers

I am delighted to say that over the years, I have received a great deal of excellent feedback from my customers.

You put a huge amount of work into this, and I am infinitely grateful [...] You completed an enormous job in a very short space of time.


I've received your fantastic translation, and I wanted to say a huge thank-you: you’ve done a brilliant job.

Rural history specialist, CNRS associate

Ms. Bilby is an imaginative a resourceful translator, who has worked with us on a variety of challenging academic papers.

Cadenza Academic Translations

Thanks a million for this great work, Julia! I’m hoping I’ll have the time to write an article for a review sometime this Summer or Autumn, and I hope we’ll be able to work together again then.

Veronica, Social scientist

I feel uplifted by your work. I had no idea how productive you would be... I am very pleased that you’ve proven so reliable in meeting your deadlines – I am very grateful. I regard you very much as one of our team! I hope to be able to call on you shortly.

Jonathan W.

Congratulations on this excellent piece of work, which really captures the spirit of the play, its humour and its attention to detail. Emmanuel, the author, will make his own comments, but from an actor’s point of view, I am truly delighted with this translation.

Association ET DEMAIN

For BLOOM, Julia has translated many different kinds of documents such as a 3 minute video cartoon "Toto in the Deep", all of BLOOM’s press releases, and several reports and studies, always with the same perfectionism and sense of the appropriate tone and phrasing.

BLOOM Association

We were always really satisfied with her work: Julia always seeks the most appropriate translation, she demonstrates great fluency and a wide and sophisticated vocabulary (in English and in French), she is always careful to understand and render the exact meanings of texts, especially where there are particular nuances to consider. An excellent translator, and a very worthy investment. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Julia.

Claire G., Ecology NGO

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